Dog toys provide mental and physical stimulation to our canine companions, as well as assist in fulfilling his emotional and physical needs. Most dogs today are primarily bred as companion pets. They need something to do when not receiving your undivided attention. That’s why Hero dog toys make a variety of toys that satisfy a dog’s every need.

What’s more, toys that encourage active play to reduce the risk of destructive behavior, those attention-seeking behaviors that manifest in your pet. Just like children, dogs get bored quickly. Many dog training experts agree that six to eight toys per pet that offer different textures, size, shape, and sounds is best to ensure that your dog always has something different with which to play.

Choosing the right dog toys can be a challenge, that’s why we’ve put together four fan-favorites in Hero Go Fetch Value Pack to make shopping easy! Only $26.99!

Go Fetch Value Pack includes:
1- Hero Duramax Medium Rubber Bone Ball – Made of durable natural rubber, the nubs on this ball cause it to bounce erratically, and it can be filled with treats for extra fun fetch sessions.
2- Hero Action Large Happy Bone – The rope on this bone means you can toss it far! Made of soft rubber the nubs on the bone make it easy for your dog to grab.
3- Hero Action Small Solid Tennis Ball – The classic fetch toy is slightly bigger than the average tennis ball making it easier for dogs and humans to handle. The core of the ball is made of solid natural rubber for more bounce and added durability.
4- Hero Action Treat Ball with Canvas Tassels – The nylon tassels on this lightweight ball make it great for tug of war and fetch. Fill with treats for extra fun!


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