Experts agree foraging and nest building enrichment are important aspects in caring for your companion bird. Toys contribute to both the mental and physical health of your bird. Playing with a toy will help to stimulate his mind while keeping him actively engaged physically. Birds living in nature are always active. Their world is one big jungle gym. So a companion bird that sits on a perch all day is not only unnatural but also unhealthy for him. And, if you live a normal active lifestyle, chances are, you are not there for your pet bird at every waking hour, so your bird most likely spends a significant amount of time by himself. And if he is not provided with an outlet to keep his mind and body busy, then he most likely will turn his frustrations inward. He may become depressed and passive and begin to take his frustrations out on his feathers.

Like children, playtime with toys allows your bird to engage in chewing actions that help to keep his beak in top condition while the physical exertions keep his tendons, muscles, and bones strong. It also helps to burn off calories which helps him to stay in shape. If your bird is in breeding condition, you’ll notice it may get a little bit feisty due to the excess of seasonal hormones that are normal in their bodies. Even single, non-mating birds may be affected by the season. Featherland Paradise’s safe toys provide an outlet for your bird to rid of the natural extra energy to help calm the hormones and lower its aggression level during these times.

Featherland Paradise is one of the most adored and well-trusted brands. You’ll find some of the best and most diverse selection of pet bird toys that help keep your companion bird actively engaged at times when he is alone. Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, our toys are affordable, safe, and fun. Featherland Paradise toys are made using only the safest non-toxic materials available, like BPA-free plastics, food dyes, and natural textures in interesting shapes and puzzles that are specially designed to entice your pet bird to play, keeping him entertained both mentally and physically.

Instill confidence in your bird, provide him with choices of a variety of toys so he may choose which toy to play with and how he wants to play with it. Remember, not every toy needs to be complicated; simple toys can inspire imaginative and dedicated play.

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