Grab a leash, a HERO toy, and hit the walking path or park, National Walk your Dog day comes with benefits for all! Sure, your pup enjoys a belly rub, head scratch, his daily kibbles and a warm place to sleep, but one of the best gifts you can provide your pet (and yourself) is interaction with play time and taking strolls together.

Stay healthy and live longer.
We all need a bit of exercise in order to stay healthy, and your dog does, too! Regular strolls with your pet can help maintain your pet’s weight, reduce destructive behavior, and keep you both mentally happy and healthy. The American College of Sports Medicine found that dog owners who regularly walk their dogs have a significantly lower body mass index, along with daily activities like playing fetch, are 11 percent higher than those who don’t walk their pets.

Interaction and bonding.
While exploring new environments, meeting new people and other canine pets, you’ll find walking your pet helps to solidify your bond and allows the socialization he needs to be a good canine citizen. Bring his favorite HERO toy for a game of fetch.

Reduce anxiety and stress.
Walking a pet can reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system. Be sure to take a break and pet your dog. You’ll find you’ll both get calmed while also benefitting mentally and physiologically from the time spent outside and the exercise. It’ll put a smile on your face, too!

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