Dog toys are important to your dog’s well-being, and are a necessity, not a luxury, as some may think. All dogs, especially puppies, need toys to provide mental stimulation, allow for appropriate chewing and prevent from developing certain behaviors. Providing your puppy with the proper toys during developmental stages will help your puppy distinguish between your good sneakers, sofa or pillow, and puppy toys meant especially for them.

Most dogs have great intelligence and enjoy a challenge. Providing your new puppy with toys is an exceptional way to teach him how to relax. As they explore their new world, developing teeth need a soft toy as their mouths need something smaller to grip. HERO Puppy is a fun collection of toys created specifically for the needs of developing canine companions.

With so many HERO Puppy toys to choose from, get your puppy a container especially for storing their toys. They will know where to go when they are bored and need stimulation. This will reduce the risk of destructive or attention-seeking behaviors that may begin to arise in your pet.

Remember, dogs are a lot like children, and may get bored quickly. Dog trainers recommend selecting six to eight toys for each puppy, ensuring that each is different in texture, size, and shape. Alternate the toys every few days so that your puppy always has something different with which to play.

Shown in the picture above, HERO Puppy Sammy the Snail is made from a durable natural rubber material that is safe for pets. This uniquely shaped toy is for filling with kibble or small treats. You can even freeze water, spreadable dog food, pumpkin or any other soft healthy food inside!. The food doesn’t take long to freeze, maybe just an hour. The treat pockets are designed so that your puppy has to figure out how to get the food out with his tongue or nibble with his teeth.

For power chewers, consider the Squeaking Bone Ball, Amazing Bone Ball, or Nub Bone. These toys are creatively designed with a slick outer surface so your puppy can stomp, push and chase them but they can’t bite down on them. When they try, the toys slip right out of their mouths.

When you can’t offer your attention to your puppy, provide HERO Puppy toys to your puppy in his safe environment, like his bed or kennel, or other quiet places. HERO Puppy toys are so effective that hundreds of customers have told us it’s the best advice they’ve ever received. HERO Puppy is a dog’s best friend, making them a friend to humans, too!

An old slipper or sock will be seen as ALL socks and slippers to be play-things. A plush toy that was safe for your 12-week old puppy might not be a good choice when your puppy is 6 months old, de-stuffing the toys and swallowing the squeakers. A toy’s safety is contingent on how he interacts with the toy and this interaction can change as he develops. Always monitor your dog’s interaction and supervise him while he is discovering a new toy to ensure that the toy continues to be a safe choice.

Should your puppy show no interest in a new toy, engage him with play. Perhaps drop the toy in your bed or laundry basket for a day and engage him another time. Items that smell like their owner are more attractive to your pet. If he continues to show no interest, choose another shape, material and size toy. The goal of HERO Puppy toys is to provide peaceful, safe solutions for the needs of your developing pet. A dog that has regular mental and physical stimulation is a happy dog, and happy dogs have happy owners! Who’s ready to play?

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