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Frequently Asked Questions about
Oven Fresh Bites™

Q. Why do you bake your food?

A. Baking provides a host of possibilities…
that can not be readily achieved using the alternative manufacturing methods. Baking keeps more nutrition intact and is less abrasive to ingredients particularly proteins, vitamins and minerals. Baking also permits the utilization of larger grain particles which improves nutrient retention and digestion. In addition, baking retains the natural flavors of the ingredients and provides the most desirable texture.


Q. There is very little color and no different shapes to add interest for my bird, will my bird get bored?

A. Mother Nature dictates the color of Oven Fresh Bites™
We don’t build clever shapes or add artificial color; the color may even cause other issues. If the shape and color of the food is your bird’s only source of interest in the cage our guess would be that he is and will remain bored. Food is responsible for fulfilling your bird’s nutritional requirements. Our advice would be for you to enrich your bird’s environment with interactive toys and foraging devices.


Q. Why do parrots hold certain foods with their foot?

A. Companion birds use harvesting techniques…
and access mechanics similar to what we observe in birds living in their natural habitats. Most birds prefer to forage for food high up in the canopy where they are at the lowest risk from predators. They seize the fruit, nuts, seed pods etc. from a branch then hold it with one foot to feed. Pet birds have the luxury of food bowls; wild birds rely on their instincts to maintain possession of an item in order to feed.


Q. Do birds eating Oven Fresh Bites™ need cuttlebone or mineral blocks?

A. No, care has been taken to supply scientifically…
established levels of the essential vitamins, minerals. Grooming perches and numerous toys are available to provide stimulation and help curb the growth of the beak and toenails.


Q. What is the most effective conversion method?

A. This is a tough one to answer.
Every bird is different and may respond differently to the same method which is successful with another bird. Observe your bird’s behavior and base your choice on those observations and consider what you are the most comfortable with. See our page on conversion methods.


Q. Do birds need grit when fed Oven Fresh Bites™?

A. No, birds do not require grit…
which can be the cause of impactions.


Q. What additional foods can be fed to add variety to my bird’s diet?

A. Remember that birds will eat throughout the day…
in order to meet their energy demands. More energy acquired from treats means a lower amount the food will be consumed. Nuts and seeds do supply energy and can be fed in moderation as treats. The better choice would be a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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