Caitec invested over two years in the research of dog chews to create HERO Bonetics. The result is a dog chew that is extremely durable yet safe and gentle on dog’s teeth. Ordinary dog chews can cause broken teeth, can splinter, and be swallowed causing digestive issues. HERO Bonetics are flavor-infused, keeping dogs coming back for more.




The scientific study of the material makeup and design of bones used by dogs for chewing with the purpose of creating safer options.

Hard enough to be durable.

Soft enough to be safe.

Benefit gentler on teeth

Gentle on Teeth

Less worrying about broken teeth.

Benefit Tummies

...and tummies

No sharp splinters – easier to pass and less likely for stomach irritation.

Benefit Grip

unique texture

Easy to grip making it more enjoyable to chew.
Benefit Dental

dental benefits

Great for dog’s teeth, keeping them clean and healthy.

The Science, Research & Development

Science 1

Exploration & Improvement

For over two years Caitec conducted research into alternative materials and production methods to find a safe, yet durable chew.

Veterinarians were consulted and hundreds of prototypes were developed and tested. 

The company developed several alternative formulas to develop what is now HERO Bonetics.

A Proprietary Durable Material Gentle On Teeth & Easy On Digestive System If Swallowed

Wood & Flavor Infused

The flavor last as long as the chew.

Wood Flavor Infused image 2
Bone 2

Gentle On Teeth

Durable & Long Lasting

Bonetics are just as durable as regular nylon chews so they last just as long. Dogs love ’em!

Recent Reviews

Worth Every Penny

My dog absolutely LOVES this chew bone! As the owner of a tough chewer, I can honestly say that the Bonetics chew stick is stronger and lasts much longer than the other nylon bone my dog chipped apart in minutes. Bonetics is one-of-a-kind!



about Bonetics Chew Stick

Great Dental Chew

I’m loving this dental chew and my dog, Milo, is too! It’s the perfect size for him to hold, and he spends a lot of time chewing on this bone. If you’re looking for a gentle dental bone, this is of great quality at a good price. Way to go Hero!

Verified 4.5


about Bonetics Dental Bone


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