As the world around you changes and COVID-19 pandemic spreads across our nation, many communities are faced with quarantine – and this includes your dog. The Center for Disease Control Prevention, World Health Organization, American Veterinary Medicine Association, ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, and other experts are in agreement that there is no current evidence that suggests the coronavirus can be transmitted to or from companion animals. This is good news!

Prepare properly – think beyond toilet paper and instead, about supplies necessary for your pets to maintain a healthy balance. Cleaning supplies are a must, but also ensure that you have pet food, and monthly preventive medication for conditions like heartworm, flea, and tick as well as any prescription medication or special diets that your pet may need.

If you live in an urban environment, you may have the inability to go outside for your pet to relieve himself. Indoor relief may be a necessary norm. To help your dog become accustomed to do this, take your usual preps like grabbing a leash, poop bags and treats. Provide cues that this is business as usual, even if it’s the corner of the kitchen or bathroom floor.

During his normal potty times, like first thing in the morning, after play, feeding, or at the end of the evening, walk him to the designated area. You may want to use old newspapers, fake grass, or commercially available pee pads. If at first, he doesn’t go, take him back to the activity he had been engaged, and watch for signs that he needs to potty, and try again. Once he goes, praise him for his good deed, and thoroughly clean the area with disinfectant, being certain to practice good hygiene yourself.


Your dog may not be able to have his normal physically active routine, but you can keep him engaged with indoor play. Just like people, dogs that are stuck in quarantine with their owners may experience stress and even depression. Losing their appetite, trouble sleeping, and lack of interest in play may bring on destructive behaviors like chewing, barking and difficulty settling. A new selection of dog toys may help engage your pet and keep him occupied and increase enrichment for indoor structured play.

Hero offers a wide selection of treat-dispensing puzzle toys like Hero Treat N Play Giggle Ball and Hero Treat N Play Gum Ball. If softer rubber is best for your dog, try Hero Treat N Play Treat Foraging Ring, Holi Ball and Dental Club, which may keep many dogs engaged for hours. If your pup becomes bored, take the toy away for a while, and reintroduce at another time. He’ll remember the smell and tasty treat, and may go back for another episode of engagement.

Safe, interactive play with toys like Hero Chuckles are made of durable plush, resemble cute cuddly animal characters, and designed in custom patterns of bright, fun colors! Each contains an innovative patented, Chatterbox. The Chatterbox is a unique device that has three distinct sounds including a crunch, squeak, and chuckle, all contained within a protective tube for added safety. Depending on the position of the toy, it emits a symphony of sounds keeping dogs engaged longer.

Most of the time, dogs want something to do, and that goes for their human companions as well. Play on!

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