Hero Chuckles Hippo

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The adorable Chuckles Hippo is colorful, fun, and cozy! A soft plush animal with an innovative 3-in-1 squeaker inside which crunches, squeaks, and chuckles!

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Hero Chuckles Hippo is a new fun and funky plush animal that will give your dog a long-lasting friend with dual-layered reinforced lining and durable stitching. It’s soft, cozy, and features our patented Chatterbox, the innovative 3-in-1 squeaker in the center. The squeaker will crunch, squeak, and even chuckle! The multiple sounds will engage your dog in active play for hours on end!
• Durable stitching and reinforced lining
• Multi sound for engaging play
• 3-in-1 Chatterbox squeaker that squeaks, crunches, and chuckles!

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Dimensions9 × 7 × 5 in

7 reviews for Hero Chuckles Hippo

  1. Marcia (verified owner)

  2. Shelly (verified owner)

    My Golden Retrievers just love these toys!

  3. Kelli W. (verified owner)


    My 1 year old Rough Collie puts toys TO THE TEST and this is the only toy that has lasted for months through tug of war and fetch. I am SUPER impressed and surprised that a plush type toy can be so durable. I am so happy I found this brand.

  5. Jennifer

    I haven’t even had this toy for 4 hours and the plastic bottle inside is broken and in sharp pieces. I have tried to email my concern and I don’t believe it has gone through. The toy is brand new and the stitching is fine, just that hard brittle plastic is broken. Now I am concerned about it coming through the toy and hurting my dog.

  6. Sandra

    Bought this toy for my 10moth old lab. It didn’t last 24 hours and the stuffing was ripped out. Not a very durable toy if you ask me.

  7. Angela McAvity

    Super disappointed with the quality of this product. We purchased our first one months ago and it was of good quality, we took it on holidays and someone or something walked away with it. Sad, but I knew I could get another one when we came home. I bought the replacement Hippo and it was home no more than 2 hours, with light use and the squeaker inside no longer worked. I was able to return it and get another one (exchange) and this one has had minimal use (less than a month of periodic use), and the stitching was coming out on the arm. Now, to be clear, we don’t play tug with these toys, just fetch and release, and the right arm is ruined. Super disappointed as this is without question my dogs favorite toy. I’m disheartened in the quality and am not sure I can convince my self to pay the close to $30 for this toy for a 3rd time.

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