Squeaker Ball

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Great for fetching and all around fun. Squeaks and floats for fun interactive play.


**Please note that this item comes in 2 assorted colors that are randomly picked by our warehouse**


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Great for fetching and all around fun. Squeaks and floats for fun interactive play.

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21 reviews for Squeaker Ball

  1. Tasha (verified owner)

  2. Lori

    My dog loves to chew and this is the only ball that hasn’t been distroyed in the matter of minutes. He has had it for a week now and it is in perfect condition. AND STILL SQUEAKING!!!

    • Kaashif Rushdan

      Thank you for your feedback !

  3. Earl (verified owner)

    Best ball ever for my 75 pound Golden Doodle – perfect size, bounce and squeak.

  4. Ashley (verified owner)

    Originally I had found these balls at Marshall’s but I was never able to find them again and my lab/shepherd mix LOVES them. I’m soo happy I was able to find the direct website to order more for her. She is a chewer and these balls are extremely durable and last forever and they are her favorite toy.

  5. Tracy Haas (verified owner)

    Dog adores this ball.

  6. Chris Praet (verified owner)

    I received email updates and received my product in a timely manner. The product was exactly what I was looking for. I am very please with my purchase.

  7. Kristie (verified owner)

    My dog loves these squeaker balls! Durable and fun. Carries it everywhere with him. He’s 50 lbs and this ball stands up to his constant chewing.

  8. Andrew Barattini (verified owner)

    Our pet Dalmatian loves the squeaker ball, it’s his #1 pick. Bought two and gave one of them away. Thanks for making these.

  9. CYNTHIA T. (verified owner)

    My dogs (pit mixes) love these balls. The size and shape of the ball are great because they can’t fit the whole thing in their mouth like a tennis ball. It is also more durable than most of their toys – one of these balls will last weeks if we are careful in supervising playtime with them. Also, the squeaker being really recesses make it so the ball is still squeaky after a lot of chewing and play time.

  10. Lois Woods (verified owner)

    This is THE BEST BALL EVER!! I had purchased two in stores, and then purchased another two online. These are gifts for dogs who are “crazy destroyers” like my dog is. These balls are INDESTRUCTIBLE and the squeaker doesn’t break! I have purchased at least 15 other squeaker balls and all failed. THIS PRODUCT IS A GEM!!!

  11. Donna Thompson (verified owner)

    My bull terrier is absolutely obsessed with balls and this is her all time favorite! The squeakers last a long time and the balls themselves last forever without even showing tooth marks. I buy a lot of them at once because she loses them outside, & I don’t ever want to be caught without a few on hand for her favorite games. Thanks to Caitec for a great product at a great price.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love, love, love.

  14. Melissa H. (verified owner)

    This toy was too big for my Jack Russell so did not meet my needs. It was hard to tell from the website what size dog it was meant for, in my opinion it is for medium to large dogs.

  15. Donna Thompson (verified owner)

    My bull terrier loves these! If I put five different balls in front of her, she’d pick this one every time. The squeakers last longer than average & they are the perfect size for her, too.

  16. TANYA Hollenbeck (verified owner)

    My dogs, two Boston Terriers, love these balls! They de-squeak them in minutes but they are the only balls they don’t completely destroy. Unfortunately this time I bought the wrong size, I usually get the next size down but luckily they still fit in their mouths!

  17. Jessa Eichner (verified owner)

    these were a gift for a sweet doggo friend and he absolutely loves them!

  18. Sarah (verified owner)

    I have two shelties who are toy destroyers and show no interest in hard plastic toy. This ball is pretty durable for a rubber toy. Don’t get me wrong they still destroy them but it takes them at least 3 months instead of 1 day like most other toys I have tried. The squeaker last almost as long. They absolutely love this ball!! One won’t put it down just takes it everywhere!

  19. Timothy (verified owner)

    Extremely durable and very bouncy. This is my golden retriever’s favorite toy in the world. Please never stop making them.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality of this ball for my aggressive chewer who loves squeaky toys. My dog also slobbers on toys so this is easy to wash. Bought one too for her friend wo also loves it!

  21. Brad W. (verified owner)

    Dogs absolutely love it.

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