Puzzle Pack for Dogs


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Dogs need mental stimulation in addition to physical activity, and this pack will give your dog both! Rotate these toys every few days and switch out the treats inside to provide new challenges and give your dog’s brain a workout! The Puzzle Pack includes: Polycarbonate Gum Ball – Rocks and rattles as your dog pushes it around attempting to free treats from the holes on top. Soft Rubber Foraging Ring – Insert treats inside this soft rubber ring and watch your dog attempt to get them out of the holes in the sides. Polycarbonate Giggle Ball – This ball opens up to allow easy access to insert treats, plus it giggles and makes noise as your dog attempts to get the treats out. Can also be used with dry food as a slow feeder! Soft Rubber Bow Tie – The enlogated shape of this toy make it a perfect bully stick or bone holder! Put smaller treats fully inside to give your dog more of a challenge.


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