Hero Squeakables Amazing Bone Ball

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Soft rubbery material ideals for chewing, and promoting healthy teeth and gums.
• Treat dispensing
• Squeaks
• Chew resistant
• Great for tossing and chewing


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Hero Squeakables Amazing Bone Ball is a canine favorite! This ball has built-in chewing and handling nubs, making it easier for dogs to use. It is great for throwing, tossing, and chewing. Rolls and bounces erratically. Add treats for extra exploring fun!

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Large – 4.5", Medium – 3.5", Small – 2.5"


Soft Rubber

22 reviews for Hero Squeakables Amazing Bone Ball

  1. Tasha (verified owner)

  2. Micheline Young (verified owner)

    Great training tool. Keeps the dog interested.

  3. Holly

    I bought this toy yesterday for my Doberman Pinscher at our local pet store. This keeps her attention due to the squeaky ball. It’s very hard to buy a toy that is tough and is not destroyed instantly by our dog. This toy is Doberman tough! I will purchase again.

  4. sandra leon (verified owner)

    Very small

  5. Juli

    Surprisingly Durable! My Rottie was able to quickly get the small “squeaker” out, but is OBSESSED with the clear outer ball!!! She has NOT chewed it to bits, which usually happens in less than 3 minutes! She has had it 3 days so far! On line currently buying more! Thank you for a Quality product, that is designed for heavy chewers, for Big Dogs, that are not hard as rocks!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Glenn Ward (verified owner)

    I received the 4 inch ball not the 2 inch ball. The website did not have size and didn’t realize there were multiple sizes until I got on Caitec website. Im very happy with the return, and yes, I ended up buying 2 of the smaller balls

  8. Virginia B. (verified owner)

    This is a GREAT toy. My puppy loves to get his tongue inside the clear ball to make the red one move. The squeak is good, and it seems very durable

  9. Samuel Stoltz (verified owner)

    These are the best dog toy balls on the market as far as I and my dog are concerned. I have a German Shepard and she loves them and they are almost indestructible

  10. Victoria Van Dalsen (verified owner)

    My dog loves this ball!

  11. Karen A. (verified owner)

    Greatest ball for all dogs! even dogs that chew!

  12. Eileen C. (verified owner)

    Perfect! I bought one for my dog (as a spare-he already has one he loves) and one for a neighbor dog. They both love this ball!

  13. Cindy B. (verified owner)

    Fun toy to play with her. She chewed through the exterior. What the heck!

  14. LYN HYMAN (verified owner)

    So far he hasn’t torn it up………….that’s a real good thing!

  15. Samuel Stoltz (verified owner)

  16. Jennifer R. (verified owner)

    Our 70 pound Belgian Malinois loves her Hero Squeakables Amazing Bone Ball! It’s a great toy that dogs can even play with by themselves. When they drop it, it bounces every which way…then the interior ball moves inside every time they shake it…and squeaks when they squeeze it…keeping her interested in the toy often. It isn’t as tough as the Holi Ball…our girl loves it too much to destroy it. However, our neighbor dog, a Burma Doodle, chewed through it within 10 minutes. She was thrilled when she saw we got her a new one. It’s one of her favorites to play with!

  17. Victoria Van Dalsen (verified owner)

    Our new puppy loves his new toys! Thank you!!

  18. Daniel Wood (verified owner)

  19. Laurie S. (verified owner)

    My German Shepherds enjoy this style with the smaller ball inside and they can easily make the squeaking sound. The outer shell seems to feel good on their gums. They last longer than most of their other balls and toys.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always looking for high quality squeaky toys/balls for my aggressive chewer. This is right on!!!

  22. Samuel Stoltz (verified owner)

    Our dog loves your soft rubber balls

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