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Creative Foraging Systems are a cost effective, user-friendly system for feeding companion birds by requiring the birds to work for their food, just as they would in the wild. More time engaging in healthy, time consuming activity means less time available for other potentially harmful activities or undesirable behavior such as feather picking, excessive screeching, etc.

These polycarbonate feeding devices are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations and hold a USDA approved chipboard box. Inside the box is the key to foraging and making your bird work for food. A honeycomb insert retains the food and only makes more food available as the parrot continues to chew through the honeycomb wafer.

To maximize the benefits of this system, try using multiple feeding stations in various locations.  Encourage environmental exploration and promote search instinct by regularly changing the location of the feeding stations.

Foraging is the instinctive behavior of searching for and obtaining food. All animals must forage for food in order to survive, grow to maturity, reproduce and raise young. In their natural environment, birds spend 50 to 70 percent of the daylight hours foraging; this may include traveling to-and-from preferred patch locations, defining resources, climbing and accessing a resource, and, manipulating and preparing the resource for consumption. The demands of food acquisition impose significant challenges to both the physiology and behavior of birds. Efficient foraging is a result of decisions regarding patch choice, patch exploitation strategy, selection of resources, and size of foraging flock (parrots are extremely social and generally live and travel in large groups or flocks). These interactions within the environment are not only mentally stimulating, but also provide a much needed amount of vigorous physical exercise.

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AVIAN veterinarian recommended

Integrating foraging behavior into daily feeding protocols will create a stimulating environment, encouraging natural behaviors.

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Find out more about our foraging systems and how to integrate into your daily feeding protocol.

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Try placing multiple foraging devices in your parrot's cage to make it more of a challenge and encourage environmental exploration.

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