Corn Husk Sandwich

Featherland Paradise


Corn Husk Sandwich hanging bird chew toy keeps your bird busy with colorful wood, braided corn husk, and bell

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Featherland Paradise makes Corn Husk Sandwich for birds that love to chew. This colorful toy is strung on stainless steel wire with 2 wooden beads, braided corn husks, wooden slats, and a shiny bell at the bottom for audible stimulation. We include a quick link that will attach the toy to virtually any cage. The soft Canadian pinewood is colored with food dye and safe, natural corn husk fibers. Your parrot will love taking it apart.

We recommend it for most parrots and it’s available in 3 sizes. Buy this for your bird and watch the fun! Parrots have a blast chewing the textures and that keeps them busy. Mostly, a stimulated bird is less likely to have behavior issues.

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Large, Medium, Small


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