Exterior Cage Feeders

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Featherland Paradise
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7 reviews for Exterior Cage Feeders

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product-BUT. Caitec dosn,t export direct and no US/AUS sellers could supply in stock and or export either. The only Aus. ebay seller from U.S. wanted AU$197 for one
    feeder sold in U.S. for US$34 approx. !!! We had to get a U.S. friend to relay posting to Australia !! Also Caitec/Fedex “LEFT PARCEL ON THE DOORSTEP” of our unexpectably hospitalised friend in MA. US. instead of requesting a signature upon delivery and or holding at a nearby Fedex depot ,for collection and a completed signature, for a safe and secure delivery within the US. We have since received and signed for our pick up in Australia of the great designed feeder BUT WHAT A HASSLE TO ORDER FROM AUSTRALIA !! plus exorbitant US postal fees to OZ. s/b sea rates available or Caitec sending bulk to Australia enabling cheaper postage rates. This would make America “GREAT AGAIN” surely !! Peter Carman 61417564633 (Australia)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They give added interior space but the plastic covers are challenging to move.

  3. R Poling (verified owner)

    We have been using the exterior feeders for 5 months now and love them. Its so easy to just lift the plastic cover to replace the feed container. We have two on one side of the cage for seed and fresh food. Then on the other end we left the two original round ceramic cups. One is for water and we use the others for foot toys. It keeps our African Grey moving the full length of the cage frequently.

    • Terry Gao

      Thank you for taking the time to send us the feedback.

  4. Judith (verified owner)

    I’m disappointed with the quality of the cups. I only wash them by hand in warm soapy water yet they all crack. I am then forced to use them only for seed, not water which defeats the purpose.

  5. Bizhan (verified owner)

  6. toos4me (verified owner)

    I had a problem with my order and Caitec was right on it taking care of the problem. They stand behind their products and go out of their way to make things right. Thanks, Caitec

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They are a great company. I mistakingly somehow ordered the incorrect size and they sent me the correct size. I am grateful to them for that. A very good company to be sure.

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