Hero USA Football

Hero USA Football

So you’ve just got a new Hero USA Football for your dog, and now you want to teach him the game. Teaching your dog to play ball with you is easy with Hero USA Football. To begin, get him familiar with the new toy by leaving it in his kennel or bed for a few days. Frolic and play gently with it inside. The toy will start to smell like him and he’ll be used to seeing it. Next, add a few of his favorite kibble or treats in the crevices and give it to him in his bed. He’ll nibble his way to consume the entire treat. This is also a great way to provide him with solo play, and also to stimulate his teeth and gums, helping to keep them healthy, as well as provide him with mental stimulation.

Next, take him outside and start frolicking with the ball. Encourage him to chase you by calling his name and offering the ball. He’ll smell and remember the treats he consumed in his bed, and be lurking for more. Keep the treats in your pocket, and as soon as he picks up the ball, give him the treat and offer verbal praise. It’s important that he gets the idea that every time he picks up the ball, he will get rewarded. Practice this for a few minutes each day.

Begin to increase the number of times he grabs the ball before you offer a treat, giving him more of a challenge. Encourage him to kick or nudge the ball to you a couple of times before he gets the treat.

Once he’s got the hang of it, try playing around with a few friends. Keep it light and fun, making sure you continually provide him with a treat for a reward each time he kicks the ball to you. When you want a bit of human game only, place a few treats in the football and allow him to nibble on his own. Eventually, you’ll be able to play with the group without providing the treats. But once you’re home, it’ll be a fun surprise to find the football in his bed with a few treats for solo play.

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