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TitanEze is the only fully knock-down, steel Aquarium Stand in the pet industry. May be used in the home, office, classroom or lab. It will hold aquariums which support fish, reptiles, amphibians, or small animals. A complete range of the most popular tank sizes with a very attractive price. Easy assembly, no tools required, can be done by a child in a matter of minutes. When not in use it can be stored in a minimum amount of space.

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TitanEze Aquarium Stand 10 Gal. TitanEze Aquarium Stand 20 Gal.
Item #45340 20
10 gal.
Item #45341 24
20 gal.
TitanEze Aquarium Stand 20 Gal. TitanEza Aquarium Stand 30 Gal.
Item #45342 30
29 gal.
Item #45343 36
30 gal.
TitanEze Aquarium Stand 65 Gal. TitanEze Aquarium Stand 55 Gal.
Item #45346 65
65 gal.
Item #45344 48
55 gal.
TitanEze Aquarium Stand 75 Gal.
Item #45345 75
75 gal.

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