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Barbara Heidenreich
When it comes to positive reinforcement training, Barbara Heidenreich literally wrote the book.
In 1990, Barbara began training birds and staff in zoos around the country for free flight educational programs. This eventually evolved into consulting on animal training around the world. Barbara Heidenreich has served on the board of directors for the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators for 12 years and was honored to be the first female president of the organization.
The companion parrot community is one that is near and dear to Barbara’s heart. She has had a companion parrot, a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot named Tarah since 1987, and now has several other parrot additions to the household. Over the years of presenting free-flight bird shows, Barbara often received questions pertaining to companion parrots in the home. These questions lead her to pen the manuscript to her first book “Good Bird!” A Guide to Solving Behavior Problems in Companion Parrots” back in 2002. Since then she has authored a second book, produced a series of instructional parrot traning DVD’s and launched Good Bird Magazine. She teaches parrot training workshops around the world and is thrilled to have had the opportunity to train thousands of companion parrots. This experience makes Barbara’s teachings truly unmatched. This hands on experience with so many different individual parrots has been invaluable to helping her provide caregivers the tools they need to have a great relationship with their parrots based on trust.
We're so excited to join Barbara in spreading the word that positive reinforcement training can help parrot caregivers develop a wonderful relationship with their parrots and also facilitate optimal care.
To get more information on positive reinforcement, go to www.GoodBirdInc.com
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Parrot Problem Solver - Finding Solutions to Aggressive Behavior (Book)
Our Price: $16.95

Learn how to modify your parrot’s aggressive behavior. Includes information on parrot behavior in the wild; 10 steps to address aggressive behavior and common myths and misconceptions about parrot behavior.  Includes real life case studies and their solutions.
Parrot Behavior And Training (DVD)
Our Price: $21.95

The first in our series of Parrot Behavior and Training DVD's, this DVD covers the basic fundamentals of training with positive reinforcement. We give you detailed instructions on how to shape behavior. Our training subjects are companion parrots learning behaviors for the first time. Be the first to experience these special moments of learning captured on film.
Understanding Parrot Body Language (DVD)
Our Price: $21.95

Reading your parrot’s body language is one of the most important skills you can learn to help you build a relationship with your parrot based on trust. It is how your parrot communicates. In this DVD professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich guides you through the process of looking at a combination of body parts and what they are doing under different circumstances to give you an idea of just what might be going on in those very special bird brains.
46 Minutes.

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