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Sisal Perch, 3/4" Diam Sisal Perch, 1" Diam
Sisal Perch, 1 1/4 in Diam. Sisal Zig Zag Perch

Bend and shape these eco-friendly perches to create new paths, to introduce alternative climbing challenges or just to provide a comfortable, bird safe roost. Sisal is a great natural perch material that is recommended by many veterinarians to suppress habitual feather picking.

Sisal perches offer a quick, economical means of creating a natural look when refreshing your bird’s primary cage. Because sisal does not fray it is favored by people who have parrots who tend to use cotton perches as an an alternative to self preening.

All natural sisal fibers are completely washable; this feature will obviously extend the life of your perch.

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